The Must Do s of San Francisco

The Golden WalkIf you’re planning to explore a dreamy destination this year, San Francisco would be a great choice. It shouldn’t matter whether it is your first time to the city or you’ve frequently visited it; It’s the perfect option because the city would never disappoint you. Every time, you’ll find something extremely surprising. The manageable size of the city is a plus for the tourists and the joys of exploring are limitless.

Although you’d often see it categorized to be ‘big’, this is only in terms of the endless attractions and sites that are there in San Francisco. You might be visiting for weeks and there is still a chance of missing out on some of its amazing attractions.

Here are things you must do if you’re planning to visit there.

1. The Golden Walk

Why would anyone want to miss out on the most popular bridge in the world? Even the most experienced travelers will be spell bound by the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. Once upon a time, it was thought that this mission would never come to its end. Although there

Exploring the Wonders of Australia

The Sydney Opera HouseIf you believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder, you’ve every reason to travel to Australia. This continent has the best to offer in terms of sites, climate and entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of the islands or its unique flora and fauna, Australia is a wonderful destination for travelers of all kinds. For the daredevils, Australia is the perfect choice and would please the adventurers beyond their expectations. While you’re there, you’d be overwhelmed to experience the plenty of choices and it would become a challenge to pick and choose the best. Here are some of the best experiences of the country!

1. The Breathtaking Blue Mountains
Sydney is a fascinating city because of the wondrous sites and the exciting nightlife. Although there is plenty to see and do, you shouldn’t miss out the Blue Mountains. The tall forests and wondrous waterfalls are a delight to experience. There are plenty of ways to make this experience worth remembering. If you fancy, walking and driving would work out the best. The Katoomba Heritage Walk and The Three

St. Petersberg A Treasure of Russia

St. PetersbergDoes this sound straight out of the childhood nursery rhyme “Two little dickey birds sitting on a wall. One name Peter the other named Paul?” Well, it actually has nothing to do with it.

The history of St. Petersburg began on an islet near the right bank of the beautiful river Neva. In the 18th century, Peter the Great laid the foundation of this fortress which later became the capital of the Russian Empire. The city hence got its name “St. Petersburg”. The main entrance to the fort, the ever beautiful Peter Gate is from the Trinity Square, the oldest square in the city. This gate is a fine example of the early Petersburg Baroque, remarkable for its arts. The Peter and Paul Fortress also house a cathedral where the first Russian monarchs have been buried. In fact many members of the Romanov Dynasty of Russia were buried in this cathedral. In 1991, a monument to Peter the Great was installed in the fortress. It was presented to the city by the artist Mikhail Shemiakin who now lives in the USA.

As a tourist, especially from India,

The Ultimate Viking Experience at Lofotr Viking Museum Norway

Lofotr Viking MuseumRe-live the mighty Viking days upon your visit to the Lofotr Viking Museum of Norway. Situated on the island of Borg in the Lofoten archipelago, this fascinating museum is housed in the largest Viking longhouse still existing in the 21st century. Measuring about 83 meters long, this impressive structure used to be the house of the most powerful chieftains in the northern region of Norway. Lofotr is often described as a living museum, which features animal exhibits and reconstructions of the glorious Viking days.

To accurately depict the Viking Age, the longhouse’s mead hall and accommodation were recreated down to every detail including the decorations and handcrafts used during that time. In this manner, the museum aims to bring you back in time to witness how the Vikings live from day to day. Aside from the mead hall, you will find a number of modern exhibits, archaeological items and videos that all share Viking stories from thousands of years of history. You can get an Audioguide to make your exploration of the Lofotr Viking Museum more comprehensive and meaningful. The Audioguides are available in 6 languages, including

Things You Should Know Before Travelling to the Dominican Republic

CaribbeanThe Dominican Republic has become one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. A beautiful tropical paradise, there are certainly many reasons why people decide to travel here, ranging from swimming with dolphins to the gorgeous beaches where one can lounge and soak up the sun with a cocktail in hand.

If you are traveling to this exquisite destination, however, there are some things that you should know before you travel. Bearing all these tips in mind will help ensure your safety and assist you in preparing for your vacation.

When traveling to the Dominican Republic, be aware that tap water is not suitable for drinking. It is safe for brushing your teeth and washing in, however. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have plenty of bottled water on hand. Above all, make sure that you stay well hydrated, for lack of being able to drink tap water – the climate is hot in this country, and dehydration is a real concern.

With this in mind, you should also take extra care of your

Top Must See Destinations in Egypt

Great SphinxWhen people think of one of the most fascinating countries on Earth to visit, Egypt is one that often springs to mind. With one of the most intriguing ancient civilizations known to man, this African country has been a popular tourist destination for many years, and continues to be today.

For anyone thinking of traveling to this country it is important to do your research before you visit. With such a rich history and culture, it is critical to plan well in order to get the most out of your trip. Whether you are booking a boutique tour or one of the many reasonably priced Egypt package holidays available, a well thought out itinerary will help you make the most of your trip.

Top on everybody’s list should be the pyramids situated near Cairo. Consisting of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the smallest Pyramid of Khafre and the medium-sized Pyramid of Menkaure, it will make for a truly fascinating visit. Situated nearby is the Great Sphinx, another famous attraction and one that you certainly should not miss.

Thankfully, all these sites are situated just nearby Cairo,

Puerto Rico A Caribbean Gem

Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is considered by some as the best island in the Caribbean and others as the best destination for weddings. The island offers a large variety of recreational options that range from coastal spots and ocean activities to the inland adventures found beyond their shores. Explore Puerto Rico’s beautiful landscapes, hundreds of years of history, four distinct cultures and – above all- friendly and good-spirited people who leave their mark on the hearts of everyone who visits.

Distinctive Municipalities

With 78 distinctive municipalities, virtually any type of special interest can be found in Puerto Rico. From hiking in a forest or exploring a cave, to superb cuisine, sizzling nightlife and exciting casinos, to romantic walks on a moonlit beach. Renting a car lets you discover small towns, fishing villages and an amazing variety of cultural activities; to an island escape with a stay in a Parador – Puerto Rico also has it all, including the perfect settings for weddings and honeymoons, and spectacular venues for meetings. The Puerto Rico Convention Center is the largest facility of its kind in the Caribbean.

Six Regions


Awesome Activities to Do During an Island Vacation

Island VacationIsland getaways are synonymous with snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, and all the other usual beach activities you see your friends posting about on social media. Sure, all of these things are a blast, but there are some excursions that will bring you out of your shell by letting you experience something truly unique and out of the ordinary. Here are some of the coolest things you can do on your island vacation.

Hang Out on a Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. When you see a firefly ignite flash in the dark, you are witnessing an instance of this natural phenomenon. But fireflies aren’t the only organisms that like to shine their light. Believe it or not, there are beaches around the planet where bioluminescent plankton like to hang out, illuminating the shoreline like a streak of lightning through the waves. Puerto Mosquito on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico is the best known destination to witness this anomaly, making for a colorful and surreal island vacation. There are allegedly over 720,000

How Russia Tours Make You A Better Lover

RussiaThe establishment of the Russia began as early as the 13th century AD with the emergence of the East Slavs and many other European countries approved of it. Afterwards during the 19th century, the Franks founded the Kievan Rus’ state and then they converted to Orthodox Christians in 998 due to the influence of the Byzantine Empire at the time

This event was in fact the beginning of the mingling between the cultures of the Byzantines and the Slavs that formed the Russian culture afterwards. Travelers around the world travel to Russia for its distinguished culture and architecture.

However, the Kievan Rus disintegrated at the end into smaller kingdoms which in turn were all invaded by the Mongols at the beginning of the 13th century and they became part of the golden horde. Shortly afterwards, the Grand Duchy of Moscow started to unite again and it was able to became independent eventually.

Throughout a long period of time that lasted for more than two centuries, this kingdom expanded through successful military campaigns and many exploration missions to become the Russian Empire we know of today as the

Bribie Island Sun and Surf

Bribie IslandThere is nothing like whiling away the long summer days at beach. The white sands of Woorim stretch almost 31 kilometers along the coast of Bribie Island. Woorim is the closest surf beach to Brisbane. The beach is a popular spot to throw in a line and catch a fish or two.

Woorim Beach
The cool clear waters of Moreton Bay beckon you to cross the soft white sands of Woorim beach for a dip in the ocean waves. The best place to swim is always between the red and yellow flags set out by lifesavers.

Bring your boogie board, beach shelter, book and bucket loads of sunscreen. This is a place where you can happily settle in for an entire day.

Sit on the beach and admire the view across the sparkling water to Moreton Island. Watch the kids build sand castles to be washed away by the tide. Keep an eye on the skies for the colourful parachutes of skydivers floating back to earth. Lay back and relax and be lulled into a trance by the endless whisper of the waves.

Take a

What You Must Not Miss in New Zealand

Bay of IslandsNew Zealand is that dream destination you’d be delighted to make your way to. If it’s your once-in-a-lifetime trip to this wonderful destination, be prepared to see its fantastic attractions that will appeal to tourists of all kinds. The magnificent scenery of the country provides tourists with the most extra ordinary travel experiences of their life. With the same size of Great Britain, and comparatively very less inhabitants, you’ll fall in love with the vastness of New Zealand. Here are some of the places you must travel to if you’re planning a trip to the country.

1. Bay of Islands

This is one of the best spots in the country with countless amazing activities for the tourists. A three hours road trip from Auckland would get you to this tremendous spot. From fishing to adventurous water sports, you’ll be amazed beyond your imagination. It is a combination of 144 islands and there’s a lot to see and do there. Paihia Dive’s scuba diving is one of the most fulfilling experiences. This is surely one of the best ways to explore the underwater world. To catch the

How to Enjoy the Disneyland Resort Theme Parks on Crowded Days

Disneyland Resort Theme ParksDisneyland Resort in California is a magical place to visit. Its two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park attract millions of visitors each year. There are very few un-crowded days anymore at either theme park, especially with Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary celebration going on. So, how can you enjoy the magic of the theme parks, and still find some personal space on a very crowded day?

The very first thing to do is to make sure that you are in line at the entrance gates with ticket in hand at least thirty minutes before the theme park is scheduled to open for the day. If you have Magic Morning privileges (available to those guests with a three, four or five multi-day ticket), or Extra Magic Hour privileges (available to those guests staying at one of the three on site hotels – Paradise Pier, Disneyland Hotel or Grand Californian Hotel) you will be able to enter one of the theme parks one hour prior to regular park opening on select days. Again, you should be in line

The Treasures of Europe

PragueDiversity is often unwelcomed in many parts of the world. It could be because people are deep inside always fearful of change. However, you won’t face this misery when in Europe. One of the most diverse places on the planet, the European cities is a dreamland for every tourist. Whether you’re a nature lover or fall for the adventures, it would truly leave you awestruck. The rich history has shaped it and the culture of every spot you visit is completely unique. Even if you visit the smallest city in Europe, you’d be surprised to see the number of attractions it is brimming with. With something to do in every season, Europe is surely the perfect choice for traveling. Because the destinations are many, it is a struggle to pick the ideal spot. Although London and Paris would always stay everyone’s favorite, here are some of the other amazing destinations that you must visit if you’re traveling around Europe.

1. Turkey

It has always been there, but lately won the tourist’s heart for being one of the best destinations to be in Europe. The special place it has

Top Attractions of Central America

Tikal, GuatemalaCentral America is the southernmost portion of the North American continent that connects North America and South America. This beautiful destination has a wide range of destinations and attractions that adds charm to its elegance. One of the most visited and popular tourist attractions of the world, this wonderland has a treasure of ancient ruins, alluring landscapes and beautiful sights. The rich cultural and historical heritage of the region has made it a must visit destination.

Many places and spots make Central America a worth exploring destination, below is the list of its top attractions that shall be visited while being here.

1. Tikal, Guatemala: Situated in the rainforests of Northern Guatemala, Tikal is an ancient Mayan citadel, which is known for its scenic landscapes, pyramids, ancient peaks and dense forests. The beautiful and peaceful ambiance of this place makes it an amazing place from where one can see the panoramic views of the city. It holds an important part of the history of the Guatemala and a trip without exploring this attraction will be incomplete.

2. Panama Canal, Panama: A 48-mile long ship canal that

Top 5 International Destinations for Solo Travel

New ZealandDo you know the best way to see the world? It’s by traveling and alone at that. It’s self-indulgent, unprejudiced and a unique way to experience places, cultures and traditions uninfluenced by anybody. Solo travel is an expedition of self-discovery.

Whether you want to hike on famous treks, take a delightful sip of coffee at celebrated cafes, indulge in different passions in museums or renowned concert halls, or meet other travelers to make friends and treasured memories, go and discover the joys of solo travel. Naturally, you would want to go to only the best places in the world. Below are the top choices.

  1. New Zealand

Why New Zealand is a top most favorite is because it features everything any adventurous soul would wish to experience. Lush setting, captivating views of the mountains, valleys and plains… it is indeed the perfect location for one the most distinguished blockbuster films of all time, The Lord of the Rings.

Ranked 4th out of 162 in terms of safety by the Global Peace Index, your adrenalin is sure to come

Awe-Inspiring Palaces Around the World

Mysore PalaceLet’s travel through some of the most ethereal and awe-inspiring palaces around the world. Don’t get carried away!

1. Mysore Palace

Also known as the Amba Vilas Palace, the Mysore Palace is located in the city of Mysore, in southern India. It is the official habitation of the Wodeyars, the royal family of Mysore, and houses two stylized meeting lobbies. This royal residence is presently a standout amongst the most popular tourist attractions in India after the Taj Mahal, with more than 2.7 million visitors yearly! Quite a looker it is!

2. Forbidden City, China

One of the most illustrious royal residences in the world, the Forbidden City in China was built during the years 1406 and 1420 for the then Chinese ruler of Ming Dynasty. The Forbidden City was the royal residence of Qing Dynasty as well. It is located right in the centre of the city of Beijing, China, and has now become a Palace Museum. It has been home to the royal and powerful for more than 500 years. The 720,000 square meter complex is an exemplary model of Chinese Palatial designing.

Bali A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon DestinationBali is known as a perfect honeymoon destination for newlywed couples. This exotic island in Indonesia is a perfect blend of peace, natural beauty and rich cultural traditions. The beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, coral reefs, magnificent temples, historical and archaeological sites and friendly locals have made Bali one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Newlywed couples look for a place that can offer them solace and peace. Bali offers them exactly that. It is an exquisite handiwork of nature and an embodiment of paradise on Earth. Couples can enjoy their moments of love and passion amidst some of the most exotic beaches including the Kuta beach, Pantai Geger, Balangan beach, Amed beach and Balian beach. The white beaches of Bali are perfect to enjoy activities like surfing, swimming, paragliding, scuba diving and kayaking. Bali is also a place to enjoy night life and breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset. You can take a boat trip to enjoy Dolphin sighting at Lovina.

If you love places of historical significance, make a visit to Bali museum, Danes Art Veranda, Museum of Archaeology or Taman Budaya cultural

What Is There to See Near Las Vegas

The Grand CanyonHaving exhausted your energy and money at the slot machines in Las Vegas, it will be a big relief to go outdoors and breathe in fresh air. Thankfully, there are quite a few options in this respect, but here are the most liked – places where you won’t find a casino full of smoke.

The Grand Canyon

Nobody visiting Las Vegas would like to miss visiting the Grand Canyon. Extending over a length of 275 miles, with a depth of more than a mile, and nearly twenty miles across at some places, you’ll be wonderstruck by its natural wonder. You would need to leave the Strip early morning and come back late at night. Well, you have the option of staying overnight at a country lodge or perhaps pitch in a tent at the camping ground of the park.

Valley of Fire & Lake Mead

You can access the Valley of Fire State Park on taking I-15, north of the Strip, while leaving behind all the casinos. The red rock background typifies the splendor of the Southwest like what you would have seen in

The Culture of Tanzania

TanzaniaSeveral tourists who spend their vacations in Tanzania would like to know some elements about the culture of the country. As a country in the Eastern section of Africa, the culture is quite dissimilar to many countries around the region. The literature of Tanzania for example offered the world a number of distinctive writers. We remember Shaaban Robert, the famous poet and writer. This renowned poet was responsible to develop the prose style of the Swahili, the main language of Tanzania.

Another famous Tanzanian writer is Mohamed Said Abdullah. Originating from Zanzibar, Abdullah is famous for his detective stories like Graveyard of the Ancestors and he is also considered the founder of the Swahili literature. With a wide collection of creations, Abdullah is popular as well among tourists who travel to Tanzania as some of his works were translated to many languages.

The most renowned writers of contemporary Tanzanian literature include Abdallah Gurnah who was born in Zanzibar in 1946. His best works include Paradise, which takes place in East Africa after World War I. This novel was nominated to win the UK booker prize in 1994. This

Points to Tour in Buenos Aires

Boutique Buenos Aires hoteWhen you arrive to the Boutique Buenos Aires hotel, an excellent stay awaits thousands of tourists permanently.

Opting for hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires and booking the airfare is the first step for a lot of days of entertainment.

One of the most visited neighborhoods by tourists who come to the city is San Telmo. It represents the neighborhood with the most years of the city of Buenos Aires, and has a particular mystique in its narrow streets.

San Telmo is just a short distance from the famous Plaza de Mayo, the traveled between one place to another, by tourists or locals, could be done walking and it is quite common to see tourists there.

In times of its foundation were Italian immigrants who settled in the neighborhood of La Boca, on the banks of the Riachuelo River; today famous for its high pollution.

In those years, it was a place where boats arrived to the place that functioned as a port.

The most characteristic feature of the houses of La Boca are its colorful colors in which they have been